Welcome to DynamicDobber.com!

The Dynamic Dobber was designed by Douglas Excell to give the homeowner the ability to create professional ceiling and wall textures without spending a lot of time or money. Within minutes of picking up the Dynamic Dobber the homeowner will be texturing like a pro. By using the Dynamic Dobber the different types of textures are only limited by the creativity of the user, so with a little experimenting and some creativity the sky is the limit.

The Dynamic Dobber is a cleaner and more efficient option when creating textures. The randomness of the application and the design of the Dynamic Dobber prevents patterns from developing in your texture. By using the Dynamic Dobber your projects are not only completed faster they are more enjoyable.

With the Dynamic Dobber there is no need to mask off the whole room because there is no mess from the over spray. There are no hoses to drag throughout the house knocking over things and making additional messes. You don't need to rent of purchase expensive equipment such as a sprayer and compressor. All you need with the Dynamic Dobber system is the dobber, a knock down trowel or a flat trowel (cement trowel), a mud pan, and a plaster hawk. With these few tools you can create virtually any texture and the cleanup is fast and easy.